Purchase Info

Order and Discount Structure


Internet sales minimum purchase is $100.00

Minimum Order - $100.00 + tax

Level 1 Order Discount - $200.00 - $499.99, 10% Discount on order + tax

Level 2 Order Discount - $500.00 - $999.99, 15% Discount on order + tax

Level 3 Order Discount - $1000.00 - $1999.99, 20% Discount on order + tax

Level 4 Order Discount - $2000.00 and UP, 25% Discount on order + tax


Two convenient locations:

5330 Spring Cypress Rd, Spring, TX 77379

32105 HWY 249, Pinehurst, Tx 77362

832-435-2283 ph

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State of Texas Retail Sales Periods

4 TH of July Season, beginning June 24 and ending July 4 Midnight

New Year Season, beginning December 20 and ending Jan 1 Midnight


Purchase Orders

Purchase Orders are just that, orders received during the Retail Sales Days. Order is confirmed by phone, and made ready for pickup. June 24 through July 4, and December 20 through January 1.

Non Credit Card Orders / Off Line Orders

Cashers Checks, Money Orders, and Company Checks with pre approval.

Be Advised, your check funds must clear before order is pulled and made ready for pickup. This Transaction structure requires a minimum order of $ 100.00

Download order form here .

Download hold harmless form here .

Hold Harmless, Release of Liability

I the Buyer / Consumer, as a condition of this sale, agree and promise once in possession of the Fireworks merchandise ordered, to be in strict compliance with all applicable Federal, State, County, City, Municipality, and at the Destination laws. Got No Duds.com, and Monster Fireworks cannot and will not be held liable in any civil or legal action for any accident, injury, arrest, Fine or citation, property damage or any other losses including incidents occasioned during transportation, handling, storage, and use of the Fireworks. I agree to assume all risks once in possession of the Fireworks merchandise including but not limited to any adverse occurrence, naming also events beyond my control that result in losses of any and all types. I have read this document in its entirety, I am 18 years of age or older, and agree with the terms voluntarily. As a condition of this sale, I hereby release and agree to hold Got No Duds.com and Monster Fireworks, their agents, and employees harmless from any and all liability or cost arising from the aforementioned.

Please be advised, as a condition of this sale

  1. You must be at least 18 years of age.
  2. Substitutions are highly unlikely but possible.
  3. Transactions are F. O. B., 5330 Spring Cypress Rd. Spring, Texas 77379 or 32105 HWY 249, Pinehurst, TX 77362
  4. All sales are final, proper I D required for pickup
  5. You must read in its entirety, and agree to the terms of the Hold Harmless
  6. (Duds) In the unlikely event you do experience a Dud, we will replace it with same, its equal or of greater value, Just bring in your "DUD" and we will Happily exchange it!  We value your business !